Transform a Blank Space : Four Ways to Use Visuals to Brand Your Office – Speedpro GTA North

March 1, 2020

Turn your blank office walls into works of art with our high-quality graphics, decals and wraps throughout your business interior and exterior. Graphics can add significant value to your business environment, increasing your level of professionalism and boosting brand perception.

Make a Great First Impression

Reception area signage plays a crucial role in introducing your customers to your brand and image, and should communicate the culture of your company. Greet your customers and set the tone for your future business relationship.

We can customize reception signage to match your fonts, brand colours, logos and even include other additional information about your business including hours of operation or company slogans.

Another solution we suggest as a cost-effective option for large signage is using decals as an alternative to more traditional signage. This is a great option for budget-conscious organizations and not-for-profits. Adding graphics and visuals to your business or organization on the inside can greatly improve the ambience and employee morale, and also provide an easy solution to enhancing your brand.

Take advantage of all that wasted window space.

Window graphics and banners are a great way to increase your visibility outside, and communicate the style of your business or brand. High-quality and vibrant signage will help your store stand out, and also put your location on the map! Your business exterior has endless options to help market your brand. Adding decals and signage can improve ambiance and sales.

Transform Everyday Office Furniture Into Something More

For many of us, a large portion of our day is spent at work. The average person spends more than 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. Have you considered making your office look a little more exciting?

Not only can we create wall decals and graphics here at Speedpro, but we can also wrap pieces of furniture! Check out this before and after mural of our office kitchen space! A simple, affordable solution to enhance your surroundings and help employees love their space. 

Show off sales from the outside!

Take your business and sales to the next level by using graphics outside your business to bring customers in! We can help showcase your new promotions, products and events with these three types of exterior signage:

  • Banners and Flags – Easy to install and move, banners and flags are eye-catchers for consumers and a great way to add some flair to your property.
  • Sandwich Boards – These signs are transportable and with slip-in inserts, it’s easy to change them as you need.
  • Window graphics – Window graphics are a great way to transform your exterior, and they also provide UV ray protection!

At Speedpro Imaging GTA North, we want to help you transform your business interior and exterior and help you get the most out of your signage. Call us today at (905) 503-7446 or visit our website to learn more!

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