What Construction Sites Are Using for their Signs

February 15, 2022

Construction sites will always have signs posted around the development area. Each client has specific needs and requirements for their development site, depending on how long they use it or where they are using it. The most common materials that we are using for fence signs are Coroplast, Alupanel, and Mesh. Thinking of getting a custom sign, but you’re having trouble deciding? Read along, as this post might answer some of your question.

What’s the best material for construction sites to use?

Thinking of installing a sign for short-term, use the Coroplast. Suppose you need something that will last longer, use Alupanel. Use Mesh for fences where the wind is an issue and when it needs to be covered entirely.  (and better impact)

You can choose either Coroplast or Alupanel substrate for regular vinyl or reflective vinyl as both work well, and they will look good as signboards.

When are those substrates commonly used?

Coroplast and Alupanel substrates are commonly used as warning signs, site development notices, traffic signs, wayfinding, directional signs, etc. These materials are cheap, durable, and easy to produce.

Below are some application examples for Coroplast, Alupanel, and mesh banner.

We will be more than happy to answer your question, walk you through the process, and help you decide which of these materials will work best for your needs. Give us a call at 250 388 7770 or email us at You can also visit our social media pages (FBIGYT & LinkedIn) and send us your details and we will get in touch. 

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