Get The Most Out Of Your Next Trade Show

April 1, 2019

Booking a trade show can be a huge marketing investment – which is why it’s so important to make the best of your upcoming event. It’s not enough to simply show up anymore, you need to stand out from the crowd and make what you do memorable. The first step after booking a trade show, that you think is best suited for what you do, should be calling the show’s organizers and understanding the space that you will be provided. It will be helpful to know the layout and floor plan ahead of time, especially when planning the display items you are going to be bringing along.

Understand Your Display Options

No matter if you are a trade show pro, or just starting out and this is your first, there are options for everyone. Another helpful thing to ask the organizers would be if you are going to be provided with a table and a table cloth. If not, then be sure to get one in order to compliment your other branding. Even if a plain one is supplied, consider a table runner with your logo. Another popular question we get is – what other options are there if I don’t want to use a full display? Let us tell you, there are many! However, in terms of impact, we will always recommend going with a hop-up display if you are looking to “go big.” But there are other options to choose from, including retractable banners, hanging banners, tension-fabric stands, presentation boards, and the list goes on. If you’re unsure of what would work best, book a free consultation with us.

Design Is Key

The best piece of set-up advice we can give anyone is to remember high-low. Larger items that will sit higher, need to go at the back of your booth, such as display items and banners. In terms of design, you’ve got three seconds to get someone’s attention. Three seconds! You better make them count, and the way to do so is keep things simple. Try to keep images clear and taglines short, a passerby needs to be able to read it in a very short time span. If you can, choose one thing you’d like them to remember. Also, make sure that your booth feels cohesive – including colours, imagery, and look.

Get Creative, Be Unique

What else are you going to do to make your station stand out from the trade show crowd? Some ideas to think about may be using a digital screen to engage, offering give-a-ways (food or water is always a safe bet, all that walking around can tire out your guests), a prize draw, or holding a demo. Don’t forget, smile, be friendly and promote on your social media channels; be excited about this opportunity to connect!

Have questions for us? We’re happy to provide you with specific recommendations based on your trade show needs – ask us about booking a no-cost consultation with one of our visual communication experts. Contact Speedpro Imaging Burloak today. 905-582-4873


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