Celebrating Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary: A Zamboni Hut Transformation

July 4, 2024

This year marks a significant milestone for the City of Mississauga as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, Speedpro Etobicoke/Brampton/Mississauga East was thrilled to collaborate once again with the Mississauga Arts Council’s culture department. This partnership was not just about enhancing a structure but about revitalizing a piece of local heritage and community spirit.

The project centered around the Zamboni hut at Port Credit Memorial Park, a modest yet essential facility that serves as a hub for ice maintenance and a gathering point for local skaters and hockey enthusiasts. Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko envisioned transforming this hut into more than just a functional space but a vibrant symbol of community pride and artistic expression.

The Vision Unfolds

Under the guidance of Councillor Dasko and with the creative touch of the Mississauga Arts Council, the project took shape. The goal was to beautify the Zamboni hut with a design that not only celebrated Mississauga’s rich history and diversity but also resonated with the community members who frequent the arena.

Speedpro Etobicoke/Brampton/Mississauga East, known for its expertise in large-format printing and graphic solutions, was entrusted with bringing this vision to life. From the initial concept discussions to the final installation, every step was carefully planned to ensure the artwork would withstand the elements and serve as a lasting tribute to the city’s 50 years of growth and accomplishments.

Our Graphic Designer’s Expertise and Community Collaboration

Local artists, Shorty and Gothboi (Shalue and Adam) contributed their talents to design elements that reflected Mississauga’s cultural mosaic.

Central to the success of the Zamboni hut transformation project was the meticulous work of our graphic designer. Tasked with translating the original paintings into a format suitable for large-scale installation, he brought creativity and precision to every detail.

Using advanced digital tools and his artistic flair, our designer ensured that the vibrant colors and intricate details of the artwork would shine through on the specialized 3M vinyl. This high-quality material was chosen not only for its durability but also for its ability to adhere seamlessly to the hut’s brick surface, ensuring longevity and weather resistance.

The Zamboni hut transformation project not only revitalized a utilitarian structure but also provided an opportunity for residents to engage with their local history and artistic heritage. It serves as a reminder that community spaces are not just places we inhabit but canvases on which we can paint our shared stories and aspirations.

A Lasting Impact

As the freshly adorned Zamboni hut now stands proudly at Port Credit Memorial Park, it serves as a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, community spirit, and civic pride converge. Whether you’re a hockey player gearing up for a game or a resident taking a stroll through the park, the hut’s vibrant artwork invites everyone to pause and appreciate the beauty and history that define Mississauga.

Looking ahead, projects like these remind us of the importance of preserving and enhancing our public spaces. They are not just physical structures but living testaments to our collective identity and the values we hold dear. As Mississauga continues to grow and evolve, initiatives like the Zamboni hut transformation pave the way for future generations to connect with their city’s past while shaping its future.


In celebrating Mississauga’s 50th anniversary, the transformation of the Zamboni hut at Port Credit Arena stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through collaboration, creativity, and community engagement. It is more than just a renovation; it is a celebration of local history, cultural diversity, and civic pride. As we look forward to the next 50 years and beyond, let this project inspire us to continue investing in our public spaces and nurturing the spirit of community that makes Mississauga a vibrant place to call home.

The zamboni hut in Port Credit Memorial Park has a new look!

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Port Credit Zamboni Hut

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