5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

January 19, 2022

The nice thing about branding in your office building, retail store or other space is that you can opt for more permanent types of graphics if you want.  Having graphics will help you raise brand awareness and get more attention from foot traffic.  At SpeedPro Winnipeg North, we can help you determine the best fit for your business signage and graphic needs.

Illuminated Signs 
– You can use backlit signs during the day and night hours so it’s  highly visible to passersby or anyone trying to find your building.

Inside, you can replace your plain counter with a backlit counter or incorporate custom contour cut graphics that contain some illumination. You can also use backlighting to make any fabric displays throughout your office more vibrant.

Pylon Signs – Pylon signs are the ideal way to capture attention of potential consumers, because they are freestanding and visible structures. They are highly visible due to their size and are cost effective since multiple businesses will have their sign up.

Banners – Our high-visibility, versatile graphics go beyond conventional signs in Winnipeg. Bright and bold banners scale-up display logos, information, images, advertising and more. Businesses can use banners in many ways to advertise their business and display important information.

Roadside Signage – Having a branding tool like a flag outside your business will attract attention with their bright colours fluttering by the road.  

Windows – With the right window graphics, you can draw people’s eyes and hold them there. There are various types of vinyl that can be used, from perforated to translucent, to having contour cut graphics.

The more that people familiarize themselves with your products and services the more they will feel like they are connecting with your brand and you will stay top of mind.  

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