Sign Options For Windows: Decals, Film & Clings

January 7, 2019

No matter what industry you’re in, you should know the value of window signs. Businesses have been using their windows as advertising space for many years and that’s simply because it works! Looking at recent stats, about 50% of your customers find you by an on-premise sign, including window graphics. If you’re not sure which kind you are looking to order, or are debating between a few different options, let’s go through them and hopefully this will help you decide the right solution for you and your business.

Decals or “Sticker”
Use: Indoor (Reverse Printed) / Outdoor, Semi-Permanent 

• Decals or window “stickers” as we commonly get asked for, are just like they sound. A vinyl sticker that is placed directly on the window. It can be removed when no longer needed, but it can not be repositioned. They can be printed clear or opaque, depending on whether you would like two-way visibility. If you choose to go with opaque, the areas not covered by the graphic will be white. If you’re going with clear, make sure to choose high-contrast colours for visibility. 

Cut Vinyl Graphics 
Use: Indoor (Reverse Cut) / Outdoor, Semi-Permanent 

• Cut vinyl graphics are similar to decals. The main difference here is that while decals are usually one solid piece of vinyl, cut graphics usually consist of individually cut letters or numbers, which are then masked and applied. Once applied, they can not be repositioned, which in both cases it is often best to ask us about our installation services. 

Vinyl Window Film
Use: Best for Outdoor Use / Limited Options For Indoor, Semi-Permanent 

• When looking to cover your windows with a large graphic, usually the entire surface area, we recommend films. These films either come perforated or non-perforated. Perforated vinyl is the most popular option for storefronts since it still allows one-way visibility, from the inside out. Our installed windows are always laminated and edge-sealed for protection against elements (this is key!) 

Window / Static Clings
Use: Best for Indoor Use, Temporary

• Static clings are printed on a special material that allows the product to be removed very easily. Once applied, you can reposition, remove and re-use over again. They don’t have an adhesive side and simply use static charge to hold to the glass. These can also be clear or printed with a white backer to appear opaque. 

Have questions for us? We’re happy to provide you with specific recommendations based on your window graphic needs – ask us about booking a no-cost consultation with one of our visual communication experts. Contact Speedpro Imaging Burloak today. 905-582-4873


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