Signs of Success: Building a Real Estate Brand

March 20, 2024

Coming out of a Pandemic

We recently caught up with Tyrel Kenmore from Kenmore Family Real Estate in Medicine Hat to chat about how his company navigated the ups and downs of the pandemic and came out thriving in a bustling market. One big thing we took away from our conversation with Tyrel is his old-school “There is no replacement for hard work” mantra and his unique real estate signage strategies.

When Tyrel was just starting out, he was pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, dropping off flyers, and constantly networking, all to gain traction in an already crowded real estate scene. Surprisingly, the pandemic didn’t slow him down; instead, it gave him the chance to really hone his brand, making it a household name in Medicine Hat and beyond.

“There is no replacement for hard work.”

Tyrel Kenmore

Relatable Real Estate more than a motto

During discussions with Tyrel, it became evident that there existed an unmet need within the marketplace. Despite witnessing numerous Real Estate Agents adopt a polished and glamorous demeanor akin to what is often depicted on popular reality shows like those found on Netflix, Tyrel discerned an opportunity to introduce a more relatable approach. Recognizing that life seldom mirrors the picture-perfect scenes portrayed on social media platforms like Instagram, Tyrel sought to offer a realistic perspective on real estate transactions. He emphasizes that it’s normal to encounter clutter and imperfections, reassuring clients that they’re not expected to conform to an unattainable standard. This way of thinking about the market has proven immensely successful, resonating with both his clients and potential buyers by aligning with their expectations and fostering a sense of authenticity.

How his financial strategy led to success

As our conversation continued, we were eager to learn about any specific brand strategies Tyrel had employed that contributed to his current success. His response was refreshingly down-to-earth: “Well, you know, we’ve got the brokerage signage, which is pretty standard stuff. But when it comes to my personal branding, I make sure to set aside a bit of budget every year, and I always aim to grow it.”

Tyrel explained that he’s constantly evolving his personal brand, whether it’s by updating his image or increasing his visibility around the city. This year, he decided to take things up a notch by adding a fully wrapped staging trailer to his fleet. This innovative move allows him to advertise whenever a show home is being loaded with furniture and other items for viewings.

It’s this kind of practical, hands-on approach to branding that sets Tyrel apart, showing that success isn’t just about luck or gimmicks—it’s about consistently investing in your own growth and finding creative ways to connect with your clients by using great real estate signage strategies.

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