How To Successfully Brand Your Fleet

May 13, 2019

If your company has multiple vehicles in use and you are looking to brand, or re-brand, you are on the right track to take advantage of a huge marketing opportunity. Vehicles act as 3D, moving billboards all around town, promoting your business. If you have more than one vehicle on the road – even better! But you do want to keep in mind that all the graphics should be similar, if not the same, for brand recognition purposes. The more potential customers see you around town, the more they’ll establish a general sense of trust and recognition with what you do – so next time they need someone who offers your services, guess who they’ll be calling? We’re going to take a solid guess, and say you! 

The first thing you should consider, would be to plan the mission. What are you looking to accomplish? What do you want your message to be? After these discussions, you should get to planning the project in terms of project scope, budget, cost and choosing a supplier, if yours does not have a designer on staff, then you will need to plan for this too. Our best tip in terms of design would be to choose a colour that is able to work with multiple coloured vehicles, especially if you are going to add to your fleet in the future and you’re not guaranteed to have the same colour available. You should also take the condition of the vehicles into consideration when planning or making vehicle purchases. In terms of messaging, this could be something you do internally, or you could choose to work with a marketing company – your graphic supplier can also provide feedback on what they have seen working well for other business’s like yours. 

The next step would be to plan dates and times for installation, which will have to be done between you and your supplier. Make sure you are choosing a quality partner, at Speedpro, we print exclusively on premium vehicle vinyl and work only with installers that are 3M certified. In this guarantee, we stand by our wraps with a limited 2-year warranty. 

Have questions for us? We’re happy to provide you with specific recommendations based on your vehicle branding needs – ask us about booking a no-cost consultation with one of our visual communication experts. Contact Speedpro Imaging Burloak today. 905-582-4873


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