How To Choose The Best Font Pairing For Your Brand

January 14, 2020

Font pairing is an integral component of visual communication and how well you do it will affect the outcome of your business design. So, as you pick a stellar name for your business and choose the perfect colours for your brand, you can’t afford to overlook how you pair the fonts. But with so many types to choose from, finding the perfect pair can seem quite elusive. How do you go about it the right way? What should you consider? Keep reading…

Moods and Personality

Fonts, just like colours, have distinct moods and personalities. To achieve a perfect balance when pairing fonts, combine different personalities. For example, if you use Gangster Grotesk (a contemporary font type that has angled terminal strokes), for the heading, Le Murmure, a more neutral font type will work well for the body. A combination of the two offers the right mix of character and neutrality. Display typefaces are generally intended for large sized headings rather than for the body text. Serif fonts like Jenson, Miller, and Palatino, just to name a few,  have proven to be a great choice for body text.  

Readability and Legibility

When pairing fonts, readability and legibility should be top priorities. These two terms may seem interchangeable but they refer to different functions of type. Legibility refers to a function of typeface design. How easy it is to recognize one letter or word from another is a function of legibility. It also refers to how easy blocks of text are to read. Readability, on the other hand, is a function of how typefaces are used. How inviting the type is to read is a function of readability. When pairing fonts, readability and legibility both matter.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of elements of designs in the order of importance on a page. According to studies, the human eye first scans content on a page, looking for interesting keywords before committing to reading it. Font pairing has a significant role in establishing visual hierarchy. Designers have to decide which fonts to use for textual elements like the heading, subheadings and body texts. The use of different sizes, weights, and spacing all play a role in enhancing visual hierarchy.

Number of Fonts

When you pair too many fonts, they all compete for attention. A rule in designing is to avoid using more than three fonts in the design. If you decide to use two or three fonts in your design, make sure they have substantial contrasting differences. But keep in mind, contrast is not the same as conflict. The font combination should create harmony, not vice versa.Picking great fonts can seem like an impossible art for most people. Let Speedpro London find the right design solution and provide effective content branding for your business. This will save you the time and energy needed to learn about the intricacies of design concepts.

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