How Restaurants Can Use Vinyl Graphics To Improve Customer Experiences

July 5, 2022

Restaurants rely on repeat customers, good reviews, and heavy foot traffic to stay in business. Signage can be a real issue for many of these types of businesses. There are some unique aspects of the food and beverage industry that make them well-suited to vinyl graphics. These types of signs are eye-catching and informative, making them great advertising tools. 

How can a busy restaurant make the most of vinyl graphics to improve the experience of their customers? Here are a few of the top ways that your restaurant might consider using vinyl graphics to boost sales: 


The most obvious reason to turn to vinyl graphics is for marketing purposes. Whether you want to target existing customers or new customers, the right signage and graphics can certainly help. Marketing to your customers is essential if you want to keep the lights on in your restaurant. In this way, vinyl graphics are a cost-effective way to communicate with diners. 

A vinyl graphic can be used to announce new and ongoing sales. Similarly, it can be used to show customers that you are expanding your menu with new items. If you have daily specials that are the same from week to week, you might want to post a graphic featuring them. Anything related to your menu is fair game for effective vinyl graphics. 

Other concepts that you might want to promote include hiring staff or hosting a special event. If there is anything at all that requires you to draw attention to an aspect of your business, it could be the perfect thing to make a vinyl graphic for.   

Making Changes

If you have recently made a change to your restaurant, a vinyl graphic is a great way to let your customers know. Whether the change is to your hours or your menu, a vinyl graphic is a great way to make sure that it is visible enough for diners to see. Let customers know if a popular menu item has been removed, if a new special has been added, or if you are taking the menu in a totally new direction. 

Vinyl graphics can easily be used to share this information with all of your customers. Whether the change is temporary or permanent, vinyl graphics are a polished and professional way of letting your customers know what is going on behind the scenes in your business. 

Regulatory Signs

Are you interested in coming up with creative ways to meet the requirements set out by the local ordinances for your business? Regulatory signs are the norm for most restaurants as they share important details about food allergies, maximum occupancy, restroom location, and more. 

If you have a sign that you must hang for the benefit of either your employees or your patrons, then it may be time to consider making it into a vinyl graphic that will really stand out.  

The security of certain signage is important, too. A vinyl graphic will be fixed to its location and will take quite a bit of work to remove. Regulatory signs are meant to be permanent, so it makes sense that you would want to replace any regular signs with vinyl graphics. 


Do you run a thriving restaurant that often leaves people waiting to be seated? Entertaining your customers is one way to ensure that they keep coming back. After all, most people dislike the idea of being kept waiting. Make the interim time more enjoyable for them with vinyl graphics. You can create puzzles, hang fun images, and/or share interesting facts about your restaurant. 

These types of graphics are popular among adults and kids alike. They make the wait time for a table feel quicker because they have something to do while they wait. 

Help Customers Decide on a Meal

While they are waiting, your customers could be looking over the menu if you have it posted in the form of a vinyl graphic on the wall. Graphics can be a great way to convince your customers to try something new. Not to mention, they will likely have a better idea of what they want to eat by the time they sit down at the table. 

This reduces wait times for all of your customers if no one needs to look over a lengthy menu after they sit down at the table. In turn, this makes the dining experience more pleasant for all. Not to mention, you’ll see an improvement in your bottom line because you will be able to seat and serve more customers more quickly.  

Upsell a Meal

How many of your customers are likely to order dessert right now? How about a cocktail or a fancy beverage? You might be able to plant the seeds in your customers’ minds that they need or want these items – through the use of vinyl graphics. Just like you can help customers decide on a meal before they reach their table, you can also upsell them before they even order. 

Imagine sitting in the lobby of your favourite restaurant where you are waiting for a table. You are surrounded by graphics advertising their world-famous pecan pie. By the time you get to your table, your mouth has been watering for a taste of the sweet treat. Use vinyl graphics for advertising menu items that you might not sell as often and watch as more customers start to upgrade their orders!

Ordering Your Vinyl Graphics

There are many ways that your restaurant could use vinyl graphics to enhance customer experience and improve the bottom line. When you are ready to make the leap to get some vinyl graphics for your own restaurant, you should contact the professionals at SpeedPro Winnipeg North.  We are one of the top printing companies in Winnipeg, and we have experience helping restaurants like yours improve their sales. Give us a call today to see how we can guide you through the process of producing your new graphics!

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