Advantages Of Using POP Signage

October 20, 2022

If your brand wants to stand out from the influx of banners and posters, it’s time to explore a different and more eye-catching option: POP signage. These point-of-purchase displays really set your brand apart and lead shoppers to engage with your product or service. With a customizable POP display, you’ll draw in more eyes and ultimately see increased sales. 

What are the benefits of using point-of-purchase signage for your latest offering? 

Enhance Brand Awareness

Even if your brand isn’t a household name yet, POP displays are great for helping it along. Your POP signage, when done well, will cement your brand image in the minds of your customers and clients. Remember—the design of your signage is ultimately the most critical factor here. 

A poorly-designed display can do just as much harm to your brand. However, a well-designed POP display can make your brand feel more legitimate and high-end to consumers. 


Many companies have a hard time embracing that they have little control over how their product is displayed in stores. By sending out POP signage with your product, you’ll know exactly how any store will market that new offering. You can make sure that the signage uses your brand colours and that it stands out in a sea of similar products, making a maximum impact in a retail setting.

A great aspect of having this type of merchandising technique is that it capitalizes on the people who do most of their shopping on impulse. Your product, looking appealing with your colourful signage and sleek POP display, will encourage them to pick it up and put it in their cart. Conversion rates are much higher when you have this type of point-of-purchase display in stores. 

Customizable and Affordable

POP signage is custom-made, allowing you to use your own market research about what goes over best with targeted clients. A custom display that stands out in a store can be a great lead magnet for clients to start their journey with your brand. It gets more eyes on your services and products with a high return on investment. 

Despite being a high-impact way to advertise, POP signage is still very affordable and offers great ROI. Consider how many more sales you’ll be able to convert with this tool, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s well worth the investment! 

Get Professional POP Signage

If you think that you want to use point-of-purchase displays to market your latest offering, you need large print services in London. Speedpro London can help you design all of your marketing materials to catch consumer attention and convert it to sales. When you’re ready to make more sales and invest part of your marketing budget, reach out to us to see how we can help you make the most of your advertising dollars! 

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