Tips For Designing Effective Trade Show Displays

Tips For Designing Effective Trade Show Displays
June 3, 2024

It’s trade show time and you’re excited for the energy, the networking possibilities, and the opportunity to showcase your brand in the best possible light! But as your team prepares for the upcoming event, you wonder how to really make your booth pop. You know attendees will be saturated with countless options and you want to stand out from the competition with a memorable and engaging display design that draws eyes and turns heads from the start of the event to the finish.

At SpeedPro Oshawa, our experienced design team has all the solutions at their fingertips. We understand how impactful an outstanding trade show display can be and also how many different elements go into creating a cohesively on-brand solution that’s bold, inviting, and captivating. Your trade show booth should communicate your brand message, tell your brand’s unique story, and make a standout first impression. That’s why our team takes the time to deeply understand your company, target audience, and trade show goals before embarking on a trade show display design journey with you. Our top priority is to make your trade show experience a success and we’ll pull out all the stops to help make that happen!

To get you started, we’ve outlined our six top tips for designing effective trade show displays. While every design is one-of-a-kind, incorporating the guidelines below will help ensure that your brand stands out in all the right ways. Let’s dive in!

Include Interactive Elements

People love to use their senses, so consider a trade show booth design that incorporates interactive elements. From touch screen technology to virtual reality experiences, games, contests, and more, having something for attendees to do at your booth is a great first step towards attracting attention. Not loving that kind of high-tech vibe for your brand? Consider an in-person demonstration, mini-workshop, or food or beverage tasting (if appropriate). Take the time to observe potential customers as they interact at your booth and use what you learn to strategically refine and improve your display for the next trade show!

Use the “60-30-10” Colour Rule

The 60-30-10 colour rule involves selecting three colours to unify your display booth and help it stand out. Using three colours that are on-brand and resonate with your target audience gives your display visual interest without overwhelming potential customers:

  • 60% of your display should involve your cohesive primary colour.
  • 30% of your display should involve your secondary contrasting colour to establish visual interest.
  • 10% of your display should involve your accent colour to emphasize important text or graphics.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Empty Space

In a busy, bustling, visually overwhelming trade show environment, don’t let your booth fade into the background. Help it stand out with plenty of refreshing empty space. Yes! Up to 40% of an effective trade show booth stand design can be blank and unfilled. This goes for booth graphics and textual elements as well as for the physical layout of furniture and interactive displays. Counterintuitively, space often draws attendees in and provides a comfortable environment for them to engage with your representatives. Don’t feel obligated to fill every inch. Less is sometimes more.

Keep Important Messaging Above Waist Height

Don’t allow people, furniture, or other display elements to block important graphics or messaging—a likely scenario in a crowded event venue! Instead, design your booth with important words and images above waist height. Eye level for most people is somewhere between 4′-6′ (123 cm – 183 cm) high, so that’s a perfect range to aim for.

Select Fonts Readable From a Distance

In the same vein, clearly showcase your logo, company name, and tagline in a large, readable font that leaves no question as to who you are and that sums up your brand at a glance. Any design that makes you squint or have to look twice needs to be revisited.

Utilize Lighting Techniques

Invest in an inviting, welcoming atmosphere when you invest in a booth accented with specialized lighting. From backlighting to spotlights, strobe lights, hanging lights, and more, the right lighting adds depth and dimension that is difficult to achieve any other way.

SpeedPro Oshawa Can Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Ready to bring your ideas to life for a unique and visually appealing booth design? So are we! For high-quality trade show displays in Oshawa, contact our team at SpeedPro today!

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