Speedpro Signs Medicine Hat has been very busy wrapping these incredible van’s!

April 1, 2016

Check out this awesome recent vehicle wrap work by Speedpro Signs Medicine Hat!

This first van wrap was completed for Canadian Tire and came by referral.  Derek, Speedpro Designer, as he usually does, created this stunning design by listening to the customer and getting a handle on their wants and sourced all the components to dazzle the client.

To make this van wrap look so incredible they used IJ180-CV3 and lustre laminate to finish the pop. The client was absolutely speechless and quickly posted the photos to Facebook!  It is certainly eye-catching and will get them noticed!

The second van wrap is the Poo Patrol partial wrap.  This also came by referral (we hope from dog lovers!).  The design was customer inspired, and certainly adds POP to the look! Speedpro used IJ180-CV3 and lustre laminate to finish the poop gone design. 

The last two van wraps in this group of incredible looking wraps was created for a new electrical company in Medicine Hat, Daylite Electric and ProComm Security

For Daylite Electric, Speedpro had to dream a bit to make this job flow corner to corner, but as always they were up for the challenge!  This van has a nice flat surface but very tall so they decided to not only print with IJ180-CV3, but they also used VinylFX durable smooth chrome for an electrifying (you like that?) splash of dazzle in the sunlight!

This group of companies has done more than 20 vehicles to different degrees with Speedpro Medicine Hat over the past 5 years! Impressive!

For ProComm Security, Speedpro also did a rendition of this design for other divisions in this company, audio and computer. This unit was also printed with IJ180-CV3.  It is informative and let’s it clients know what they are all about!

Need to get your business noticed?  Call Speedpro Signs Medicine Hat today at 403-527-7755 today!

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