There’s one key to every successful trade show display: a personalized, eye-catching booth. At your next event, turn heads and generate leads with a professionally designed trade show display.

Counter space is ideal for displaying additional branding information or messages. Portable display counters do a lot of work for your brand without needing much space. Stands and podiums can be used to present giveaways. Or, you could even use them for a tabletop display or banner stand.  

When customers and event attendees are interacting with displays, they naturally gravitate toward a counter. This makes the counter a perfect greeting area to begin a conversation. Why not use the space to display your logo or other business information? 

Many counters feature storage areas for additional utility. Use them to store other marketing materials, including branded pens and business cards. These displays are both useful and promotional.

The more branded materials you have, the more professional your business looks. Don’t let counter space be an exception; use stands and podiums to advertise your brand.

To get your message out there, you need to take every opportunity that you can get. Use stands and podiums to display your logo and increase brand recognition in Winnipeg.

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