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If you’re promoting a new product or designing a display for an event, then you need a vinyl banner. With each graphics project we take on, we offer fast turnaround times and high-quality results. 

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    Want to attract more customers to your business? Need to advertise an upcoming event or sale? Or are you looking to create a stunning display at your next trade show? For all these problems, we have the cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for: custom banners.

    Take care of all your advertising needs with a custom banner. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, our vinyl banners promise quality, clarity, and durability. They’re perfect for displaying at an event, trade show, and/or the interior of your store. 

    Here’s how our vinyl banners will help your business rise above the competition in Winnipeg:

    Available Material

    Our custom vinyl banners are designed to last, whether you use them indoors or outdoors. We use premium, eco-friendly, and full-colour inks that hold up against the harsh conditions in Winnipeg. Our banners are made of durable, high-quality material.

    Available Sizes

    We produce large format and wide format banners of any style. If you have a specific size in mind, we’ll design a custom banner that fits your needs. To create a larger display, we’ll create multiple banner stands that can be grouped together. Regular banner stands only go up to a certain size, but retractable banner stands can extend to nearly any size. At SpeedPro, we’re prepared to take on printing projects big or small.

    Types of Banners Stands

    We offer several types of vinyl, mesh, and blockout banners, including:

    Retractable Banner Stands

    Lightweight and portable, these banners are ideal for meetings and trade shows. Retractable banners are one of our best-selling products! You can display retractable banner stands during your event, then roll them up at the end of your day. Since these banners are easy to store, you can keep them conveniently rolled up until your next event.

    Hanging Banners

    Why not suspend your banner from the ceiling? It’s a great way to utilize unused space and draw the eye to an unexpected area. Use hanging banners to display your logo or contact information.

    Benefits of Banners

    With every banner, you want to accomplish a few things: You want a display that lasts, you want the design to fit in with your established brand, and you want the graphics themselves to be clear, high-quality, and attractive. 

    At SpeedPro, we can help with all that. Here’s why you should consider our Winnipeg banner printing services:

    • Keep your branding consistent. Create a strong brand identity with consistent marketing materials. We’ll colour-match your banner to your existing marketing products to help customers recognize your Winnipeg business. Make your marketing campaign more successful with consistent colours and graphics.
    • Distinguish your business. In a competitive market, your business needs every advantage it can get. A custom vinyl banner is the perfect way to set yourself apart from your competitors. 
    • Reuse them multiple times. Banners give you more bang for your buck. For a one-time investment, you can use your banner at several events in Winnipeg. Stretch your advertising dollars farther with reusable and portable vinyl banner stands. 
    • Get more eyes on your business. As consumers, we’re naturally drawn to well-designed graphics. While our eyes scan a room, we land on things that are most interesting to look at. A custom banner will draw more attention to your business.

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