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At SpeedPro, our company offers an array of signage and graphic solutions in Winnipeg, including vinyl decals and vehicle wraps. We can design a custom vehicle wrap that will turn heads and increase brand recognition. 

Ready to transform your vehicle? For partial and full car wraps, contact us today!

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    Sleek, stunning, and sophisticated. That’s how you can expect your car to look with a vehicle wrap by SpeedPro. These stylish advertisements can effectively:

    • Raise brand awareness
    • Market your products/services to a new demographic
    • Provide a high return on your investment

    The next time you take the company car for a spin, you can show off your vehicle wrap, too. Depending on how much you drive, your vehicle could be noticed by hundreds, even thousands of people. 

    Looking for personalized vinyl wraps in Winnipeg? That’s what we’re here for. With over 30 years of experience in the signage and digital printing industry, you can trust the quality services at SpeedPro.


    Your ads represent your company. You want the quality of your graphics to speak to the quality of your products and services. At SpeedPro Winnipeg, we can help with that. When you work with us, here’s what you can expect:

    Custom finishes

    Which finish will look best with your vehicle graphics? A classic glossy topcoat, or a matte one? What about satin? Maybe you want to stand out with a metallic or chrome finish. No matter what you decide, we’ll help you design car wraps that suit your brand. 

    Be bold. Be original. Trust the quality vinyl wraps at SpeedPro.

    Creative designs

    Imagine your logo, crystal-clear along the sides of your vehicle. Everywhere you go, you’ll take your brand with you. We offer graphic design and logo creation services to refine your design. 

    You want your vehicle to stand out in a traffic jam. When pedestrians cross the street, or other drivers scan the road, they’ll see your stunning vinyl decals. If you have a custom creative vision, our graphic designers will help you bring it to life. Get in touch with us to discuss unique vinyl wraps and decals.


    Two factors determine the success of your vinyl decals:

    1. The design
    2. The installation

    If car wraps are applied poorly, they could become damaged or peel off soon after they’re installed. With every installation, we practice attention to detail and precision; your vehicle is full of movable points, from the doors to the windows. 

    We know how important the application process is; when it’s done right, it can significantly improve the lifespan of your vehicle wrap.

    Are Vinyl Car Wraps Less Expensive Than Paint Jobs?

    It’s hard to give specifics for a question like this, but in general, vehicle wraps cost about the same as a standard paint job. The price will depend on factors like the finish and size of the wrap. But with a vinyl wrap, you get much more bang for your buck.

    Consider how cost-effective vehicle wraps are: With most digital marketing methods, you have to pay each time a customer clicks on your ads. But, with a car wrap,  you can drive your vehicle for as long as it lasts. Display your logo, contact information, and services to countless customers along the way. 

    When you break down the cost of vehicle wraps per impression, you pay a fraction of what you would with other ads. 

    Vinyl wraps give you a degree of control that isn’t possible with paint. You can design custom decals that are vivid and impactful. Keep your company branding consistent with our powerful and precise designs.

    Will the Car Wrap Ruin the Paint Job?

    Hesitant about getting a car wrap? You might be worried about how it will affect the paint underneath. Don’t worry: Our vehicle wraps are designed to be removable. We will inspect the vehicle before applying the wrap to determine if paint damage will be an issue. 

    How Long Will My Car Wrap Last?

    With our high-quality 3M & Avery Dennison materials, you can trust that our vinyl wraps will last for years. Our warranties generally last 5-7 years, but our clients have reported their graphics lasting longer than that.

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