Why choose Speedpro Guelph for your Trade Show & Special Event Signage?

  • We work with all major manufacturers of trade show and special event products. We have an extensive knowledge of available options to suit your needs and budget.
  • Our experience in signage is an important asset to our clients. Creating an effective, budget-conscious, and unified display can be like solving a puzzle. Let our expertise and creativity assist you!

What to consider when planning your display?

  • Space and elements – How much room will you have? Do you want a large graphic backdrop? Will you have a table? What are you trying to show-off? Do you have giveaways?
    On top of signage, we provide brochure stands, tablecloths, tent canopies, flags, floor tiles, tabletop signage, event swag (pens, travel bags, etc.), and much much more.
  • Standing out – How are you going to attract your ideal audience? What do you want to people to see? What information are you hoping to gather? What kind of questions and connections do you want to prompt?
    We work with you to further enhance your display. Get creative! Together, we can make your vision reality.
  • Durability – Where is your display going to be used, and will weather be an issue? Our signage can be printed on a variety of materials, supported by a variety of truss and/or pop-up systems. We can help you figure out the best solution for your needs.
  • Portability – Set up and take down are major aspects of all event. We provide pop-up solutions, and signage carriers to assist you on the busiest days.
  • Brand prominence – We are a one-stop-shop for all types of signs, giveaways, and other custom branded elements (tents, floor tiles, table cloths, etc.). Boost your business with a unified colour scheme, and consistent branding.
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